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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Rainy River District is 'Going Local'

(Excerpt taken from Sunset Country News, Spring 2012)

What is 'GoLocal'?
GoLocal is an alliance of local businesses and organizations banding together to compete with big box stores, outshopping, and internet shopping.  It is a similar concept to Sunset Country Travel Association with hopes for the same success as Sunset Country.  The ultimate goal of 'GoLocal' is to encourage the purchasing of goods and services from non-local to local businesses.

In the initial stages, the 'GoLocal' program will:

  1. Support the Brand of the Small Independent Retailer;
  2. Enhance the Distribution System for Locally Produced/Manufactured Products;
  3. Inspire Local People to Recognize the Value of 'Going Local'; and 
  4. Support a Value Added Tourism Experience.
Why 'GoLocal'?
  1. When we support locally-owned businesses, the money circulates three times longer in the local economy.
  2. With that money, locally owned businesses provide jobs.
  3. Local businesses support local non-profits and community events.
  4. Because they live here, and their livelihood depends on it, local businesses provide the best service and support.
  5. Local businesses reciprocate and send business your way.
  6. Buying local helps protect the planet because fewer products are shipped from far off places.
  7. Most importantly, local businesses provide our unique local flavour, character, and personality.
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