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Monday, March 11, 2013

Clover Valley Farmers' Market

Great Season planned for 2013!  We need more Vendors!!!

Clover Valley Farmers' Market saw an upswing in sales and customers in 2012, and this trend appears likely to continue in 2013.  The growing interest in local food bodes well for our Farmers' Market.  As a result, we need more vendors!

The Farmers' Market offers:

  • A great value on Advertising:  The Market uses a variety of advertising to promote its vendors' products: radio, newspaper, billboard, black mobile sign and sandwich boards.  Our presence on our website, Facebook and Twitter continues to expand.  Best of all, if you are a vendor in front of hundreds of people every week at the Market, you create the most effective advertising of all...word of mouth!  You get to interact directly with customers to promote and sell products.
  • The Market Store continues to expand and attract market patrons, so we offer competitively priced at 25%.
  • A comfortable, convenient venue: You are safely out of the hot sun or rain with tavles set up ready to fill with products.
Seasonal Registration Deadline is April 12th:
  • Book a space for the full May through October season!  Vendors can save $144 by paying the seasonal fee.
  • Book a single Saturday. By booking in advance you ensure advertising coverage.
Contact Deb Cornell, Manager at:
Phone:   807-486-3409

EASTER MARKET:  Thursday, March 28 - Noon to 6 pm & Saturday March 30 - 9 am to 1 pm.
See you at the Market !!!

Easter Market