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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

16th Annual Business Awards

Photo Courtesy of FF Times
The Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce's 16th Annual Business Awards Banquet, sponsored by Bell Canada, will be held on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012 at the Adventure Inn in Fort Frances.  Cocktails are to start at 6 pm, with dinner to follow at 6:30 pm.  Tickets are available at the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce office and the Rainy River Future Development office, and cost $45 each.

The Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce will recognize businesses, organizations and individuals for outstanding business achievement and the contributions made to the economic growth and prosperity of the Rainy River District.  Any business in the Rainy River District is eligible to be nominated.

Categories and Sponsors are as follows:

Business of the Year 1-15 Employees (Bell)
Business of the Year 16+ Employees (Bell)
Presented to a business who demonstrates a continued passion for excellence, shows growth and profitability and acts as a role model for other businesses.

Employee of the Year (The Westend Weekly)
Presented to an employee who shows outstanding merit in the performance of their duties and who exhibits a positive and supportive attitude both within their workplace and outside the workplace while representing their company.

Business Woman of the Year (Business Women's Network)
Pesented to business or professional woman from the Rainy River District who is committed to the growth and development of themselves, their business and the community.

Entrepreneur of the Year (Rainy River Future Development Corporation)
Presented to an entrepreneur who has demonstrated innovation, vision, and business growth.  The nominee may have founded a business, purchased an existing one and turned it around, or diversified a business.  The nominees must have been established in the Rainy River District for at least one year.

Home Based Business (ML Caron Electric)
This award honours a home operated business that consistently shows excellence and quality.  They will have established strong relationships with their customers and conduct their business as a business, not a hobby, and operate the business as a primary or secondary source of income.  They must have been in business for a least one year and show potential for future growth.

Customer Service Award Business (TD Bank)
Customer Service Award Individual (Good Impressions Printing)
Presented to a business and individual who has raised customer service to new standards of excellence by consistently providing high-quality customer services and continually exceeding customer expectations.

Volunteer of the Year/Tony Beyak Memorial (Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce)
Presented to an individual who has volunteered their time, efforts, knowledge or resources to the quality of life in the Rainy River District.  This award will recognize extraordinary leadership, innovation, and creativity.  The nominee must have provided significant support to the volunteer activities of the community. (Nominations must include a detailed explanation of experience, volunteer groups, clubs, and associations belonged to, duration for each, and reasoning for the nomination).

Safety Award Business or Individual (Ainsworth)
Recipients must have demonstrated a noticeable difference in safety performance either in the workplace or in the community; and an active commitment to, and participant in improving safety, either in the workplace, in the community, or both.

Small Business Trainer of the Year (NCDS)
Presented to a business of 15 employees or less, who consistently hires unskilled or under skilled workers, who mentor and provide work oriented education and training or apprenticeship opportunities to their employees.

Accessibility Award
This award serves to recognize outstanding accomplishments and efforts made to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities within Fort Frances and to recognize initiatives that serve to reduce barriers, both social and physical, for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Awareness
An individual, group or business that has demonstrated an ability to promote the awareness of accessibility in the community.

Architechural Improvement to Accessibility
An organization, group or business that has removed barriers that prevent people form using their services through renovation, improvement, etc.

Volunteer Access
An individual, group, or business that demonstrates and promotes the volunteer contributions of people with disabilities.

Community Access (Town of Fort Frances)
An individual, group, or business that demonstrates and promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in leisure, recreational services, as learners or in the workplace.