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Friday, October 14, 2011

Paro Video Conference Workshops

October 12       8:30-9:30         The Power Within – Inner Strength
October 12       10:00-11:00      Getting the Money – Action Planning for Success
October 12       11:15-12:15       Getting the Money – Using Blogging to Increase Your Business
October 19       8:30-9:30         Expect the Unexpected – Adjust to Change!
October 19       10:00-11:00      Getting the Money – Developing Your Marketing and Advertising Strategy
October 19       11:15-12:15       Brainstorming for Success
October 26      8:30-9:30         Recipe for Success!  What Makes a Blue Ribbon Winner
October 26      10:00-11:00      Getting the Money – Industry & Target Market Research
October 26      11:15-12:15       Getting the Money – Sales Strategies for Small Business

For more information or to register for PARO workshops, please call Contact North at 274-3988.