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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops
June 21st - Marketing Part 1  10am
June 21st - Marketing Part 2  12 pm

June 21st - Things to Know Before Starting Your Small Business Website  3pm

June 22nd - Marketing Part 3   10 am
June 22nd - Marketing Part 4    12 pm
July 5th - Your Business Plan: The Home Stretch   10 am
July 6th - Business Opportunities and Ideas            10 am
July 7th - The Basics of Exporting                           10:30 am
July 7th - Developing Proposals                               2 pm
July 12th - Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?  10 am
July 14th -  Managing Business Records (Part 1)   10 am
July 14th -  Protecting Your Business Records (Part 2)        1pm
July 19th - Employee Relations Problem Solving    1 pm
July 20th - CRA Electronic Services for Business 5:30 pm
July 21st - GST/HST Seminar - New HST Rules and Information 12:30 pm

To register for any of these seminars, you must give at minimum of 24 hours notice.  Unless otherwise specified, seminars are $5.00 each to attend.  Please call 807-274-3276 for further information.